Shalamar Hospital

We are always actively involved at the Shalamar Hospital and are proud to continue our affiliation with the thriving hospital and its associated medical college institutions. We are very excited about our current and upcoming projects with the Hospital. 

Website Content

SHF employs a young team of enthusiastic volunteers and full-time staff to offer our time, resources, and skills to help the Shalamar Hospital update and upgrade its website. In future, we are collaborating with their Marketing Department and updating website content, team profiles, and photography to provide an updated and current website for all viewers. You can view the updated Cardiology and Physiotherapy pages here

 Volunteer Program

SHF supports the idea of community engagement by running an annual Volunteer Program at the Hospital.Through a 3-week Volunteer Program, volunteers can rotate through various Departments and get a feel of what it’s like to work in a 470 bed Hospital. In 2017, we coordinated a 3-week immersive program for 5 Volunteers from the Servis Sales Corporation (SSC), who worked with the Hospital from 8 am to 12 pm on workdays as part of their efforts to encourage volunteerism. The next Volunteer Program is scheduled for June-July 2018.