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Public Health Research Grant 2019-20: Invitation for Proposals


Shahid Hussain Foundation believes that communities thrive in an environment where access to healthcare is adequate, reliable, and affordable. We believe in pursuing this through encouraging research, debate, dialogue and discussion. We support collaborations of practitioners and researchers to foster a culture of localised research and learning.

For this, we follow up on last year’s Grant 2019/20, with a total budget of PKR 4 million available to support innovative research in Pakistan.

Areas of Research:

  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Health Leadership – Decision-making and autonomy in Pakistan healthcare system
  • Women and Health
  • Healthcare System in Pakistan – organizational culture assessment
  • Primary Care Settings in Pakistan
  • Urbanization and Health
  • Infectious Disease – public sector challenges

You may also read about the proposals that were accepted last year here and about the work that they did here.

Who should apply?

We are looking for multi-disciplinary academic and professional teams who are affiliated with LUMS, Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences and/or Fatima Memorial Hospital. Applicants interested to form a partnership with doctors/researchers at Shalamar Institute of Health Science or LUMS, are encouraged to send an email at zahid.bashir@sihs.org.pk and/or asdar@lums.edu.pk respectively.

How to apply?

Eligible teams should present SHF with the following information:

  1. Project Design and Implementation Strategy
  2. Document (about 4 pages), indicating how the research is:
    1. Innovative – Why is your research approach important/unique/improvement?
    2. Significant – Why is the study important?
    3. Impactful – How will your findings/conclusions impact Public Health in Pakistan?
  3. Scope of Work (1 page)
  4. Detail any institutional partnerships
  5. Team CVs – 1 page per team member, incl. roles served and key achievements for each
  6. Project Timeline (Funding spans one year, but projects can be shorter or longer) – provide Gantt chart, use Office Timeline Toolkit
  7. Prior funding/parallel funding for same research
  8. Sustainability Plan – How will the project continue after this Grant?
  9. Utilization Plan – How will you develop the research further, or make it available for reforms & on-ground implementation to result in impactful change?

Please submit your complete documentation via email to coordinator@shf.org.pk latest by 16 July, 2019 5 p.m.
The grant will support up to 4 applications, however, this depends on the number and quality of applications received.
For further details, please drop an email to queries@shf.org.pk

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