Aug 04

PHRG: Announcing Successful Projects 2018-19

The Shahid Hussain Foundation announced a grant of PKR 4.0 million for funding local research in Public Health. Details for the grant are available here.

We received multiple application for the same and now, we are pleased to announce the selected projects for the PHRG 2018.
These papers have been selected after a competitive application and review process. The list of successful projects is below:

  1. “Understanding Pakistan’s Immunization Problem: A transactional approach” by:
  2. “Prevention of Coronary Artery Diseases in Urban Slums of Lahore through Advocacy and Behavioral Change” led by:
  3. “Investigation of hyperglycemia mediated inflammation on risk of cardiovascular disease in type 2-diabetes,”, a collaborative research project by:
  4. “A randomized controlled trial to assess effectiveness of the in-home Growth Monitoring Tool (GroMoTo) in addressing childhood stunting”, a collaborative research project by:

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