Oct 03

MOU with MAHSA University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The SHF has engineered a tri-partite MOU between the SHF, MAHSA Nursing College (Malaysia), and Shalamar Nursing College (SNC). The partnership was brought into motion by the Principal, Nursing College (Mrs. Nasim Rafique), who is herself a MAHSA graduate. The SHF Vice Chairperson (Ms. Uzma Hyat) met with the Dean of Nursing at MAHSA in Kuala Lumpur in July 2017, and initiated the process of a strategic partnership to bring skilled instructors, newer syllabi, and improved teaching methods to the SNC in Lahore.

The Dean of Nursing at MAHSA (Prof. Zahra Saad) was invited to visit Lahore in March 2018 under the sponsorship of the SHF. Prof. Zahra attended the 2nd International Conference of the SMDC as a Keynote Speaker, and conducted a workshop with senior nurses and faculty during her visit. The MOU was formally signed and plans to create various projects under the MOU have begun.

As per the MAHSA MOU, the SHF is sponsoring the first Module of Clinical Instruction to be held at the SNC in December 2018. The one-week training Module will be conducted by two instructors from MAHSA who will conduct workshops for:

  • Basic Nursing Clinical Skills
  • Bedside Maner
  • Patient Care

SHF is also sponsoring the attendance of the Principal, SNC at MAHSA University (KL) in October 2018 for a global conference with all MAHSA partnering institutions. It is an opportunity for the SNC to extend its presence in the region, and establish new working relationships with other Nursing Colleges and faculties to foster excellence in Nursing.

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